All Images Automatically redacted

Just upgraded to version 6 from 5… BIG MISTAKE. It automatically redacts all images from our old archive files. (We are now in panic mode and looking for our backup copies). Why in the world would this software redact all images automatically. We now have to go through 20 years of PDF’s and remove the patches that this software put in the files.

Can find nothing about this in your Help files.

Infix has no automatic image redaction facility. It could be that something else is going on.
Can you send us a PDF which goes wrong when Infix open it up? We will then investigate and let you know what we find.


I’m not the expert but it sounds to me like the client (the software and Morley) may be in outline mode

I think Outline is in the ‘view’ menu and if it is ticked, try unticking it Morley.

Good luck

Thanks for the lead Safe Tex but it isn’t the issue. These are black boxes that seem to patch over anything that is an image (but not all). I found I can actually select them and delete them and then re-open the file and it is all good. Problem is I have to go through 25 years and edit every page. (Don’t know how to get you an image.)

Hello Morley

In my opinion, you either have some sort of problem with layers or a problem with clipping masks.

I doubted very much that Infix has gone into thousands of files and deleted all images (as you said, you have now discovered that they are still there behind a black box)

Have you taken them up on their offer and sent in one of the files to Infix?

They answer ALL questions in my experience

Thank you SafeTex. We have received an example of a problematic PDF from Morley and the issue will be resolved shortly.

Thanks, Simon.

Sent them a file exemplifying the problem and was notified this morning the problem was resolved. I upgraded to the newer version (6.1.8) and all is well. I am certainly impressed. One post here and they got on it right away… I have not had service like this since before Aldus corporation sold out to Adobe… now that was a downhill slide into corporate sludge.

A large thanks to you people at Iceni. I will be watching closely for new updates and recommend you to everyone.


HEY!!!.. Have you ever thought about creating a Suite of software programs for photo editing and desktop publishing? Given the latest Adobe marketing fiasco it might not be such a bad idea.