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Backup error and weird shape-image collision


I have 2 issues:

  1. Infix 6.32 is set to create a backup at each save. First save goes well, but if a backup file already exists I get an error:

The file exists??! Of course it does! Infix created if at last save…
I checked its attributes, no read-only, hidden or system.
I checked if it’s used by other process (with Unlocker 1.91) and it’s not…
Any ideas?

  1. I have this document saved at
    As you can see in the capture below there is a shape over a bitmap. The shape acts as a cropping region, but it’s not the same. If I delete the shape, the bigmap vanishes too! How can I keep the bitmap and remove the shape?


  1. Thank you for bringing the backup problem to our attention. I have recreated the problem so we will fix in the next point release.

  2. You need to remove the image from the clip by selecting it and then using the “Object->Clipping Mask->Remove from Clip”

Thanks, Simon.

I am afraid your solution didn’t work. Did you really try on my file? Or did you just gave me a generic quote from Infix’s help file? Because I captured on video my unsuccessful struggle to apply your solution. You should be very interested about the PDF file that is creating me problems because in the bottom half of the page there is a hidden bitmap that Infix has no clue it is there… All can be seen in the video capture at:

Please examine both my file and the video carefully.

Sorry, I misunderstood the problem. I have downloaded the PDF and can see the problem you describe. You should be able to select and interact with the clip using the object tool but it is not possible to select it. We will look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks, Simon.

After 43 days still no solution? Is this meaning you, the authors, don’t know how to fix the shape-image collision problem? I gave you a file to work on, I even captured on video the problem, yet you stay silent…

Ok then, let’s go one step further. When will you admit Infix continues to have SERIOUS stability problems, crashing easily on bigger PDF files? I sent numerous crash reports to you using your automatic crash report window, yet again nothing changed. From the time I first find out about Infix (I believe it was version 4.something) the weakest point was the stability of the program when PDF file exceeds some 100 pages AND repeated find/replace operations need to be done. Infix crashes too on delete across pages, on font replacement operations, etc. Overall I’d say you don’t have a proper strategy of intercepting errors and handling memory leaks. It’s like you keep beating a dead horse or patching an old shoe.

I suggest you do a thorough cleaning of the code from ground up and come with a more mature product.

Has there been a fix to the issue above?

No. They don’t care.