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Batch handling of pdfs for translation

Hello Infix

I’m trying to quote for a translation job and need to load a number of xmls into memoQ

At present, I can only seem to prepare them one by one

Each time I prepare a pdf, I have to open it, set the export language to Swedish and the other settings and then export it.

Then I open the next one and start all over again

As I have 50 small pdfs, I’m not ecstatic about this

I don’t need the numbering tool on this job as each page is “self-contained” and text does not run over onto the next page

I do need batch handling though

Can you help me?



The best option may be to combine all 50 PDFs into a single document, then export that as XML, translate it, then split it back up again.

You can drag-n-drop files onto Infix to combine them.
You can then use Document->Pages->Extract… to extract each page as a separate file.

Please get in touch if you need any further assistance.

Hello Guy

But combining all the pdfs wouid surely meant that they are no longer available separately no?

if the client has an enquiry for product A, I don’t think he would want to send products A-Z to his potential client in one massive pdf.

Or have I misunderstood you

Can I combine all the pdfs into one and then export the results separately to 50 different pdfs?


I think the last step of my work-around is what you may have missed.
That will split-up the pages into individual files again once they have been translated.

  1. combine files,
  2. translate combined PDF
  3. split into individual files again (using Document->Pages->Extract…)