Batch replace/delete images.


In a long pdf document I have an image copied to different pages. (kind of watermak).
Instead of deleting every image one at a time, step by step, I would like to know how to batch replace or delete all that images at once.

If that functionality is not supported it would be great to see it in the future.

I’ve tried to replace the image with a blank one but only the first occurrency has been replaced.


You could draw a box around the first image, then use ‘Edit->Delete Across Pages…’ to delete everything in the box across a range of pages.

However, if you have other content besides the watermark image in the box, it will get removed too.


Yes, the image has some text over it (different at every page).
If I select the image and use “delete selection” it removes the images and keeps the text.
But if I use “Delete across pages” it deletes both the image and the text.

Yes, I was afraid that might happen.

The only way to remedy this would be for the feature to include a ‘delete similar’ check-box which could delete only objects similar to those already selected. This is something we will seek to add to the software in the near future.

I don’t think Infix can offer an automated solution for your problem at the moment.

Another way would be to change the image file by another one, then all the references to that image would also change.
But I don’t know how Infix can see the embedded resources in the file.

Yes, you are correct. Sometimes an image may be shared amongst pages, sometimes it is unique and multiple copies of the image resource are embedded. It depends upon the PDF generator.