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Bug fix in Infix Pdf Editor 7.16 ("Export Pages as...")

The function in menu File “Export Pages as…” not works at all
This bug is not present in v. 7.15

e.g. settings (but all tested alternative fail !)
Page range=all
Format / General : RTF with Image output grayed (=not accessibile) or Epub with Image output JPEG
Text= checked items only= identify image caption/render text in vector artwork/De-hypenate words/Hyperlinks /Bookmarks
Image: Auto-identify vector artwork/Image scaling Fix resolution at 150 dpi/Colour rendering: RGB

Error Message= Out of range: Unknown image output format specified

Please, correcting the bug do so in a way that the text exported in a continuous way (not necessarily in mode “preserve layout”) always appear justified…


Can you download the latest version and re-install to see if that fixes the problem.

You can download the installer from the following links:



The latest version (downloaded today, 08 june 2017) is different from the one I had noticed the bug and this works fine!
However, I suggest to improve “continuous” exports in RTF or Epub (without keeping the page layout) retaining or introducing the justification of the paragraphs and giving at least the readability of the tables…

thank you!