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Can't import XML

G’day everyone

I’m testing the demo version of Infix Pro on Windows 7 using a PDF file that I was able to translate using the online system. I’m now trying the offline version.

I export the text using Translate > Local > Export > Simple XML. It exports the XML file and prompts me to save the PDF file, which I do. Then I edit the XML file, and then I use Translate > Local > Import to import it again. However, then Infix Pro tells me:

Document has not been exported.
Please choose: Document->Translate->CAT Export… before trying to import translated text.


  1. There is no menu called “Document > Translate”.
  2. Should XML import still work?


That error from Infix sounds as if you are trying to import the XML into the original PDF.
When you initially export the XML, the PDF from which it comes is tagged internally and must be saved to disc. You then import the translated XML into that PDF, not the original.
If you are doing this and you’re still getting the problem, please let us know and we will look into it further.

Hi again, I forgot to answer your question about the menus.
I think that guide-text about Document->Translate… is out of date. The Translation facilities used to be under the Document menu prior to Infix version 7. It’s all now moved to its own top-level menu since translation has become more important for Infix users. I guess we missed that text when we moved to version 7.

The text should read:
Please choose: Translate->Local->CAT Export… before trying to import translated text.