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Character smushing

I am new to Infix and have faced the issue of letters overlapping each other when an old text is replaced with a new one. Some blocks of text are editable well enough but others are a hard nut to crack. I’ve spent hours figuring out what else can be done to insert my translation instead of the existing text. I’ve tried changing character space but didn’t get anywhere with it. The letters still appear like glued when typed.

Can you send us the PDF you are trying to edit? We will then take a look and let you know what we find.

What email should I use?

Please send to
If it’s a very large PDF (and you can’t give us just a few pages) then we can supply an FTP address.

Done. Please, take a look and respond ASAP.

Hi Roman,

The reason you are encountering problems editing the text you mentioned in the document is because the characters in the document contain large negative letter spacing values.

This is down to the software that produced the pdf.

There is a way around the problem, by using the “Text Spacing Dialog”. Just follow the following steps:

  • Open the “Text Spacing Dialog”, you can do this by selecting “Text->Spacing…” from the main menu in Infix.

  • Select the text you wish to edit with the “Text Edit” (T) tool and delete it.

  • On the “Text Spacing” dialog click on the red ‘X’ this will reset the spacing for the text.

  • Type the text you wish to inset, it should now be spaced correctly.

If the text drops off or beyond the confines of the current box you can make the text box larger by clicking and dragging the text box by one of the smaller boxes on the left, right, top or bottom of the selection box. You can see when you are over one of the resizing boxes as the mouse cursor will change when you are over one.

You can also change the font size by selecting text and choosing/typing a new font size in the “Text Format” toolbar. The font size is displayed next to the font in the toolbar.

You can open the toolbar by selecting “View->Toolbars->Text Format” from the main menu.