Comments in a pdf file


I’ve just received a pdf file with comments and the client’s instructions to ignore the comments when translating the file.

But I can’t as the comments would be loaded into my CAT tool.

So I needed to take them out but the delete comments function did not seem to work on these comments as normal, probably because the. pdf and comments were not made with Infix

So I had to select the comments several times for each box and then click delete, once for the top part of the comment, once for the bottom part, one for the comment itself etc.

There is still a trace of the comments in the document (an outline of a text box) but with no text or even background colour (just an empty square border like an outline)

What I’d like to know is

1 Was there a better way of doing this ?

2 Will the borders left have any consequences ?


If the comments are PDF annotations then I don’t think they should be exported into the translation XML.

If possible could you please email us the PDF and we will investigate.

Thanks, Simon.

Hello Simon

I can test it myself and i’ll let you know

As this pdf had no graphics, it was loaded directly into the CAT tool and not via xml export

I’ve certainly had the experience before of comments in a pdf getting into the translation but before I had Infix


Hi again

the comments in one pdf seem to have got transferred into my CAT tool while comments added tonite with Infix didn’t get imported.

So that is all pretty indecisive