Hello Infix

We’ve briefly spoken about this before

When you export a .pdf as text, “export” > “page as”, there are a number of options including de-hyphenation

But when I use “translate” > “export”, there are no such options

So the hyphenation of a French text gets into my CAT tool and that causes me a heap of other problems.

I’d like to dehyphenate the whole pdf before I “translate” > export.

Is this possible?


PS find and replace all hyphens with nothing can not be run automatically on the xlm that is generated as there are legitimate hyphens too (compound words etc.)

When you export text from Infix using Document->Translate->Cat Export… the software always tries to remove soft-hyphens (the hyphens put into the text just to make the lines wrap better).

When removing soft hyphens Infix joins the two word parts together then searches for the combined word in the current spelling dictionary. If found, the hyphen is assumed to soft and removed.

This process relies on the user choosing the correct spelling language prior to export. If the wrong language is in effect, the joined words will not be found and soft hyphens will remain in the output.

The latest version of Infix (6.28) shows the current spelling language on the export dialogue to prompt the user to make sure an appropriate dictionary is chosen.

This process has no effect on the current content of the PDF, only on exported text.
During editing of the PDF, the File->Preferences…:Editing tab controls the use of soft-hyphens when wrapping text.

Hello Simon

I’ll have to get back to you

When I click on update, the window says that I have the latest version. But I only have 6.26 and you say the latest is 6.28

I probably didn’t change the spell check to French on export


Hello Guy and all

You were right. If the dictionary is set to the SOURCE language, the hyphens that may be in words at the end of the line, (it the original editor used hyphenation) just disappear

And for anyone who is interested, when you try to reimport your text back into the pdf after translation, if you want hyphenation, remember to tell Infix the language of the reimport (the target language)

This apparently will be much clearer in version 6.28