Deleting paragraph marks


A quick intro. I’ve never used Iceni before but I’m ‘testing’ it as it was recommended on the OmegaT group

Today’s first hurdle (that I can’t get over) is deleting paragraph marks after using the connect text tool box

In the video, I noticed that the cursor is placed just to the left and then the user must do sth on their keyboard (can’t see this of course) and the marker is deleted.

But I normally delete like everyone by either placing the cursor on the right and then pressing ‘delete’ or highlighting the object and pressing delete.

But the paragraph marker does not allow this so how does the user delete in with the cursor on the left?




You should be able to delete the paragraph mark by placing the cursor immediately to the left of it and pressing the “Delete” key.

Regards, Simon.

Hello Simon

That seems to work in ‘normal’ mode but does not work when I use the ‘connect text block tool’. It deletes the character to the left in this case as in I was in a Word document.

It’s weird cos when I was watching the video before I even tried, I noticed this (cursor to left deleting paragraph marker to right) and thought ‘how did he do that’?

On the video

he does it a 1m 04 secs

Any other ideas please ?


I’m not seeing a problem here so I think this may be a problem related to the PDF you are editing. If possible could you please send us the pdf to along with description of what you are editing.

Thanks, Simon.

Thank you for sending the PDF. I can see the problem. When linking text boxes you need to click them in reading order. If you click the link tool you will see that the text boxes are linked in the wrong order - the text box to the left is number 2 and the one to the right is number 1. To rectify click both boxes again to remove the ordering and then link in the correct order.

Thanks, Simon.