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demo simply wan't start

When trying to install the free demo version infixPDF editor before buying it, after downloading it on my windows xp pro 2002 sp3, it simply will not start. There are no warnings, no messages, nothing. Everything else works perfectly on computer. Just in case turned off my Kaspersky firewall - again no installation, no messages, nothing.

Any ideas?


Did you manage to Install Infix or is it the installer that won’t run?


I could not install it at all. I just clicked twice on InfixSetup.exe file and nothing happens!

When you downloaded the Infix installer it may have got corrupted.

try downloading it again from the following link:



Thank you Martin for your response.

I downloaded from your link the file InfixSetup.exe (this is the fourth time) and again the same result - i.e. no results.
Also afterwords I checked in Control panel / Events, but everything is clear in Application or System events, no events at all.

Can you right click on the installer (Infixsetup.exe) and check it’s properties? It should be around 63MB in size and digitally signed by us.

Of course: 63,2MB, 66.353.400 bytes size, 66.355.200 bytes size on disk, digitally signed by Iceni Technology Ltd. on 16th November 2015 14:01:32.

The MD5 check sum is calculated by third party software for InfixSetup.exe to be: 2f6790f9f05955cb38567eebc3e9661d

OK, that seems fine, thanks.

The installer can take a little while to start on some systems. The first thing it will do is to ask what language you wish to use for installation. Can you please check the Task manager and see if the InfixSetup.exe is running.

Thank you for respond, scrowfoot.
I already checked that, and did it again just in case. There is no Infixsetup.exe running in task manager under that name. Not in Processes tab, not in Applications tab either. The only tasks starting with “i” letter are IAANTmon.exe and IAAnotif.exe among processes.