Distorted text after using inFix on scanned PDF?

I would very much appreciate some assistance. This product seems to have great potential for me, but I have almost immediately run into a rather significant snag.

I am working with documents that were scanned, and for which I do not have access to the original digital version. So by necessity the documents have undergone OCR. My goal is to correct errors that occurred during the OCR, i.e., words completely omitted by the OCR, numbers erroneously read as letters, and so forth.

I manage to make the corrections in inFix and then save the document. But when I go back and look at the corrected version (both in inFix as well as in Acrobat) I discover that there are now two superimposed versions of the text, one slightly off relative to the first. So it looks as if there is a blurring or distortion of the original text, i.e., the scanned image. This renders the document unreadable, or at best readable but likely to induce a headache.

I have sent in a query to inFix technical support, and do hope I will receive an answer, but I am posting here as well since I under a time constraint. I’d like to purchase this product, but cannot if there is no way to correct (or better eliminate) this problem.

I had hoped to be able to upload a sample so the reader could see exactly what is occurring, but it does not appear this forum will allow me to do so. If anyone would like to see, please just email me and I will happily forward a sample.



I’ve replied to your email regarding this. Please let us know if it does not reach you.

Thanks, Simon.