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Editing Page Numbers in Infix PDF


In some documents, the font matter of the document (Title Page, Table of Contents, etc.) will have no page number, or will have roman numeral page numbers, before the main document begins with page “1”, etc.

Does Infix PDF allow a user to edit page numbers to allow some pages to have no page numbers, or roman numeral page numbers, before the actual document begins with pages “1, 2, 3”, etc.

Does it allow for page number editing in a way that the resulting (saved) PDF document may be opened up in basically any PDF viewing program (such as Adobe XD) and if the page number is blank, in the top window box of the document it will actually show no page number, or for a roman numeral page, it will show up in the top window box (for page numbers) as “i, ii, iii, iv”, etc.?

Please see example pasted below:

Thanks so much for your help with this.