Extending graphics


I have a grey box with a black border.

I need to make it bigger as the text in English over it is slightly longer.

So I click on my blue arrow in the tool bar and then the box as i’ve figured out it must be a graphical object

Blue lines appear around it to show it is selected (looking promising)

With my cursor, I grab a blue line and move it outwards to make the object bigger.

The blue box becomes bigger but neither the grey nor the black border is dragged out with it.

Instead, I get the white of the page.

Can u help please?



It may be that you have picked up a clip box around the grey box.
Many PDF producers put in clips around objects even when they are not needed.

It may be easier to drag-out a selection box around the things you want to resize. That way, all of them will be resized at once.

To avoid selecting other objects, such as the text, you can lock them or hide them first (Object->Lock Selection, Object->Hide Selection).

Hello Guy

As soon as I deleted the text box over the graphic, I could grab the grey box and enlarge it as I wanted.

Then I recreated a new text box the same size and retyped my text into it.

That seems to have worked even if I’m not convinced it was the right way to do things