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Find and Create links

I have a technical PDF that has names scattered through it, the details of which appear on a particular page.

I’d like to find each instance of these names and add a link to the relevant page. (Kind of like Find and Replace All, but more like Find and Add Link All.)

  1. Is this possible in Infix?
  2. Is it something that could be added?



There is no “Find and Add Link All” functionality Infix.

The only way you can achieve what you want using infix is to:

  • Select “Find & Replace->Find” from the “Edit” menu.
  • Enter the text that you wish to search for.
  • Press the “Find All” button.
  • This will pop up a dialog containing all the instances of the text you searched for.

You can now double click the mouse on each instance in the dialog in turn, change to the “Hyperlink” tool and add a link to the text.

Thank you.

Is it functionality you would consider adding?