Find/Replace changes type size, position

I am doing batch find/replace in a large group of PDFs to update a copyright date on copyright pages. When the find/replace is complete, about half of the documents have the date changed, but the type has gone haywire. Each number of the date will be superscript or subscript in appearance, so the year (2015) appears to be… undulating? Dancing? The positioning/sizing of the characters varies from instance to instance of the problem.

It looks like this when we start:

And like these (for example) when it’s done:

It’s, uh, fun, but not what I had in mind. What setting can I set to prevent this?

I wasn’t able to see the screen captures when I clicked on your links - I just got a picture of a man in a vest!

However, a first approach may be to try different reflow options during the replacement.
Click on the small hyperlink next to the replace text box (it normally says something like ‘reflow line…’).
Then change the reflow mode to ‘new text only’ which will only adjust the replaced text and alter nothing else. This works well if the new text is similar in size to the old.

Reflow Line is the next best and will only adjust the containing line - leaving the rest of the paragraph untouched.

If you get no joy with either of these options, please send a sample PDF to together with some guidance of what needs find/replacing and we will look into it further.

There’s usually a way around these kinds of issues - even if it means we have to modify Infix to do it.

Now I see the ©2014 and the jiggling letters.
Please send a sample page and we’ll have a look into it.