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Graphical problem


I will try to describe my problem with Infix. Sorry for my very basic english.

When opening a PDF file created with Adobe InDesign CC 13.0 with Infix, the document is identical with the view I have with a PDF reader. No problem.

But when I use the mouse to click in a text frame, and press Escape to remove the mouse cursor from this text frame, a little black rectangle appears above some pictures of the PDF, at about 3 cm (horizontally) of the closer corner of the text frame.

No modification is done by myself, but when saving the file after that, the final PDF keeps this visible black rectangle. And impossible to remove it.

Same problem when removing the entire text frame. The black rectangle does not disappear when I cancel this action.

Other than that, everything seems perfect, even with the overset text warnings when saving, I do not notice differences with the original document.

Can you confirm you are using the latest version of the software - 7.23?
If so, could you send us the PDF in question? We will then investigate further.
Please email the PDF to


Sure, Guy, it is Infix version 7.23.

PDF sent.

Thank you.