How can I make separate text blocks flow from one to the next?

I’m using InFix Pro 6.19 Win, trying to merge 10 blank underlined rows in a PDF that was not created by InFix, and that we use in both printed and fill-in mode. That is, sometimes the PDF is printed out and the 10 lines filled in by hand, and sometimes the form is filled in using the keyboard and then printed out with the lines containing the text that was typed in from the keyboard.

My problem is that each of the 10 blank underlined lines is a separate block - typing text, including spaces, into any one of them does not flow into the next one when EOL is reached - the font size just gets smaller as more typing is done. How can I make these ten lines each flow into the next one, so that typed-in text will flow form the top line into the next one, etc.

I have sent you a link to this PDF using your ‘Contact Us’ online facility, and would be happy to provide the PDF via email if you like - just tell me where to send it.

Thanks for your help.


Because of the way the form was set up, with a separate line for each form text box, the only way to fill it in is to write in one line and when it gets full, to click on the next line and continue editing.

In every other pdf form filling program that i have checked on you need to do the same thing to fill in the form.