How does text flow work exactly on a line?


A pdf does not seem to behave quite like a .doc(x) with one space per line.

As you add or take out words, the words seem to flow on the line getting closer together or further apart.

Sometimes, i just have to add one extra space on a line to get a word to jump to the next line, at other times i add ten spaces but nothing changes.

Can you give me some guidelines to working with text flow

It’s mentioned in the manual but more for find and replace operations

I can’t quite work it out when just typing.



Text in Infix will flow within the current text box. If the text box is too small to fit another line of text below the current line of text, the text will not flow to a new line and will just try to “fit” into the current line which will cause it to ‘bunch’ together. If the text box can fit another line of text below the current line, the new text will flow onto the next line.

If the text box is too small you can resize it by clicking on the “Resize” boxes at the top, bottom, left and right of the text box and drag the text box out to make it bigger.

You can force the text to move to the next line in the text box by pressing return.



Hello Martin

But the return button leaves a bigger space between the lines than using the space button

I’ve tried to understand the spacing in the paragraphs and it seems to be exactly 10.8

But even when I try to respace the line with 10.8 after pressing the return button, it space between the lines remain bigger.

Can u tell me how to deal with this?


Please send us an example and we will look into it. Please send a PDF rather than a screenshot.