How to deal quickly with text overflowing?

I’m new to Iceni InFix and mainly interested in the translation process of PDF files. Other than my personal interest, I can however not afford to spend much time for PDF editing, mainly because my clients will hardly pay for the time taken.

I find the XML export and re-import route for translations very interesting, but the main problem is: when translating from English to German, then the translated text will be 50% longer on average, unaware of some tricks I can use.
InFix will however put back all text in the determined text boxes, not caring about lenght. So my question is:

Is there a way to quickly and efficiently treat text overflowing in cases where the text boxes don’t show all content? A generic command to tell InFix to enlarge all text boxes in a document to a certain amount and creating new pages in the process would be a nice feature, but I think there’s no command close to that yet?
My idea is: I could add pages and additional empty text boxes prior of exporting, so InFix will reflow the text without hiding anything at re-import. Will this work? And Is there a more faster solution?

Thanks very much for any ideas,

My idea of adding empty text boxes in a PDF will not work because as soon as I save the PDF, all these created empty boxes will dissapear, leaving me only an empty page, too bad.

Is there any way to insert content in a PDF and make all the content after shift downwards? I know this is rather an operation one is used to see in MS-Word, but if this is not possbile in handling PDFs, humm, I dunno, but all work on it will take that much longer…



You can ‘fix’ the issue but you will need to do it after you have translated the document.

Once the document has been translated perform a problem report on the document (“File->Problem Report…”) this will show you where any text in the document is overset.

You can then use the “Text Edit” tool to resize any text boxes that are too small to fit the translated text in them.

If there is not enough room to resize the text boxes but there is room on the page to fit another text box, you can use the “Text Edit” tool to draw another text box somewhere on the page (or other page in the document) and then use the “Connect Text Block Tool” to link the boxes together and cause the text to reflow between all linked boxes.

Please refer to the Infix User Manual (accessible via the “Help” menu) for details on how to do this.

There is also an option “Automatically fit text where needed” on the “Import Document Translation” dialog that, if checked, may improve your results.



Hi Martin,
thank you for taking the time. I will go through all this, I have gone already through the User Manual and found a lot of helpful commands that will help me, especially the Align, split boxes to paragraphs and rebuild boxes.

I have followed the manual’s advice to split my document into workable pages and I’m now able to move boxes and adding pages if necessary.