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How to fully-justify the last line on a page


I am having a few problems with editing a PDF text book (novel, justified text) using Infix professional mode and would be most grateful for your help.

I find that when trying to make a full out justified line that I cannot do this with your program. Sometimes it is necessary, as for example, on the last line of a page where a minor correction has occurred where you wish to retain the last line completely full-out (forced justification), i.e. in a fully justified state. Unfortunately PDFs always show the last line as a line ending (paragraph mark) and your program obviously as soon as any change in that paragraph occurs, however small, decides it is to be ranged left and not justified, even when it occurs in the middle of a paragraph but on the last line a page before turning over to continue the paragraph on the next page.

Your help in this matter would be most appreciated.

Hello and thanks for the example.

Infix does not have a quad-justify feature to force-justify the last line of a paragraph.

However, your text is in fact a paragraph split across two pages. If you tell Infix that the para flows across pages, then the last line of the first part will be fully justified.

Since this is a little involved, I have made a short demo movie showing the steps involved. Though the document I chose wasn’t fully justified in the first place, the procedure should work for your document.

You can view the movie at: