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How to handle tables with the translation process?

the demonstration video for the translation process is very clear and well-done, as are the details in the manual, congrats.
I have to translate a PDF with a single-page table with a lot of columns that shows in Landscape format (A4 turned 90°). My question is: must I still click in any cell to join them for translation or can I directly go to the XML export, assuming that each cell contains a closed sentence, some of them are blank? Generally will the translation process differ for table-only documents?

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My advice would be to draw a table box around the table, then save the document. Do this before you make any edits to it since the presence of a table box will change the way the paragraphs are detected in the table.
When you reload and begin to export, you should find each table cell exported as a separate paragraph.

Please get in touch again if you have trouble with the document.

By the way, you add a table box using the link tool - it looks like chain links on the tool bar. Once you draw the box, choose Iceni Table Box as the type for the link.