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How to remove soft hyphens?

I want to replace all soft hyphens in a PDF. How should I proceed?

If I remember correctly, in previous builds of Infix for Mac I could select a hyphen plus a space (and a line break?), but this seems no longer to be possible.

You can control soft hyphenation in two ways:

  1. to stop it throughout the entire document use File->Preferences…Spelling: Hyphenate words when editing

  2. to stop it for a specific text paragraph, place the edit cursor in the paragraph and choose Text->Style->Disable Hyphenation

Changing either setting will only have an effect when you next edit the text.

You can force all of the text within the PDF to be re-flowed/edited by doing a search and replace that doesn’t actually change the text but causes it to re-flow. For instance search and replace ‘a’ with ‘a’ with Paragraph re-flow. Be aware that this will cause all of the PDF text to be re-flowed so please use with caution and review the results carefully.