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Hyperlinks in bookmarks trashed after running OCR recognition. 7.2.5

Windows 8.1
Infix Pro 7.2.5 Trial version

A large document of 250 pages had 50+ bookmarks in it. These had been added by hand in Infix, as well as in other software.

The document was created by scanning pages from a printed article.

The hyperlinks all worked - clicking on them correctly jumped to the asociated chapter/section.

The document was saved, and could be opened again, and the bookmarks still worked. They worked in Infix, and in two PDF readers.

Then, after OCR recognition was run in Infix, although the bookmark text remained, the hyperlinks associated with each bookmark were removed, so I can no longer click on them and go to a given chapter/section.

I saved the document before I realised, so I have now lost 50+ hyperlinks.

When Infix saved your PDF it should also have saved a backup called ’ backup.pdf’
If you have not saved it again since, that backup file should be in the same place as your PDF. Rename it and open it and you should be back to your original scan.

When OCR is performed, each page is replaced by a completely new facsimile of the original. No annotations (such as bookmarks) remain.