I’ve looked at this and read the manual but i just don’t quite get it.

For example the link type (crop, table box). Does that refer to a box in which the link is placed or to where the link goes?

How can an image box be current page, current page to end or current page to page number x?

Also, it says in the manual that the links are only exported during conversion of pdf to another format.

Does that mean you can not create a pdf with internal links in it?

In need of a general explanation here please?


The Image and Table links are a device for informing Infix that parts of a page should be treated differently when exporting content. For example, any text within a table link box will be treated as tabular and its layout preserved on output. Similarly with images, anything inside an image box will be rendered and exported as a bitmap.
Since you may have tabular data across a range of pages, you can repeat these special links across a range of pages rather than having to mark each table up individually.

They use the same mechanism but are different to hyperlinks. Hyperlinks and goto-page links are standard PDF annotations that when clicked by the reader/viewer, switch to different parts of a document or jump to a web address.