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I received 2 different editable pdf forms and INFIX does not work

I received 2 different editable pdf forms. I opend them with INFIX and it does not allow me to access the answer slots to fill out the form. However, if I open the documents with CHROME, Adobe reader, or NITRO it works just fine. Why does INFIX not work?

What version of Infix are you running?

If possible could you please email the PDFs to and we will be able to better advise.

I just sent the 2 editable pdf’s for your review. I ended up downloading adobe reader and it worked just fine with their free version. Let me know why yours failed.

Thank you for sending the PDFs. You can complete these in Infix if you follow these steps:

  1. Use the “View->Interactive Form Fields” menu to make the form fields visible.
  2. Select the hand tool and click the fields to edit and enter content.