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Image insertion.


A small inserted image takes all the width of the document, and the effect of the upscaling often lead to blur.
Is there a way to impose the exact size of the image in the document other than by trial and error.

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If you drag and drop an image onto a pdf’s page open in Infix, The image will be inserted at exactly the size in pixels that the image is.

Once the image is inserted if you select it with the “Object Select (Arrow) Tool” you can then use the “Transform…” dialog to set the height and width of the Image.

The “Transform…” dialog can be opened via the “Object” menu item.




Thank you for your answer.
Sorry but for me the drag and drop doesn’t work.
I have an image whose width is 751 pixels once dropped into the document the new width is about 790 pixels, and in the transform dialog it’s size is 594 pts. So I am a bit confused.
Is there a way to send you the image so that you have a look.

Best regards

Hi Claude,

Please email the image to and we will take a look.

Regards, Simon.