Image resampling not working


I am trying to resample images to reduce the size of a print optimized document but I can’t get it to work.

I choose Object -> Image -> Resample and fill out the desired options. Then Infix seem to work (I can see it “reading” and “writing”) but at the end of the process I get a popup saying “Resampled 0 images”.

I have tried various (but not all) settings and a couple of different files and they all show the same problem.

I am running Infix Pro 6.21 on a Win7 (Swedish) system.

Crappy cellphone clip to illustrate:

Any input is much appreciated.

Regards from Sweden

There are a few kinds of image that the down sampling doesn’t handle. It may be that this is the reason.
Would you be able to send me the PDF to examine?,I can give you a more considered assessment then.

Thanks for quick reply. I have e-mailed dropbox link.