Importing xml back to a pdf


I’m preparing for a possible job and I ran a trail run tonight

I took a pdf, prepared it and then exported it as xml into a CAT Tool

I then just copied source to text to save time and changed the target text every so slightly as a first experiment.

The xml was then imported back into the pdf to see the result

Here are my questions

1 Just before importing, there is a dialogue window with choices of how to handle the import

There is ‘automatically fix text where needed’


‘Reset letter spacing’

What is the difference cos it text is automatically fitted where needed, why would I need ‘reset letter spacing as well’

Or to put it another way, why do I need to automatically fit text IF I have set letter spacing

Anyway, I ticked BOTH and when I went back to the document, in the very first box, there was an overlap of letters.

Strangely, this was the only time I could find such a problem but as I had changed the target text so little, I was hoping for zero problems

Finally, when I tried to save changes to document, I got a text overflow warning for a segment that I had apparently not changed at all.

Maybe the problem was already there but once again, why would I get such a warning when I have ticked both boxes?

I’ve also sent you an email as this is a very big job for me that I have to know I can do before taking it on.



The two settings do different things. Some pages may include a title such as “C u r r i c u l u m V i t a e” with wide-spacing for effect. If we were to substitute other text into this text box, it would retain this wide spacing. Sometime this is what you want, sometimes it isn’t.

The ‘fit text’ option will squeeze text were needed. In a text box with mixed wide and narrow spaced text, it would all get squeezed but you would still see a spacing difference between the wide and narrow since they would all get squeezed in proportion.

Typically I would just go for ‘fit text’ since it is not common that text is widely spaced.

If you send me a sample of the PDF in question, I’ll take a look and see why you are getting the crunched text on page 1.