Infix and fonts


Purely theoretical questions for a future presentation.

When you are translating a pdf and suddenly Infix tells you that the character you want to use does not exist in the font subset of the pdf, I know that Infix looks for the full font set on my computer.

But where does it look?

Does it look everywhere or only in a special font set folder wherever that may be?

I also assume that if I use a different font and return the pdf to the client, they may well have the full font set and can re-edit the delivered pdf and reintroduce the font they want (just confirm please) whatever the character.

I also suppose that you get more font missing problems when translating from a European language without accents to one that has accents or from one language family to another (English to Chinese for example)

And finally, any other pointers about fonts that would be worth adding to the presentation (stuff that hasn’t even crossed my mind) ? Please list briefly




In answer to your questions:

  • Infix looks in the System Fonts directory on your machine where any fonts that the user installs on their system are stored. For example on Windows this is normally “C:\Windows\Fonts”

  • Yes, the client could use the search and replace fonts functionality in Infix to replace any occurrences of a substituted font for the original font if they had the full font set of that font. You would need to ensure that the substituted font used is not already currently being used in the document before translation. Any fonts that are already in the document are listed above the dashed line "------’ in the font drop down on the Font Problems dialog.

  • You are more likely to get font problems if the fonts contained in the PDF file are non-standard fonts that do not contain full character sets and are less likely to get font problems if the PDF contains a standard font. For example if a PDF file contains Arial, most computers will have a copy of the full character set for Arial so translation from English to Hungarian would not be a problem.

  • In most cases when you are translating from English to a non-european character set (e.g. English to Chinese) you are more likely to come across font problems.




Thanks for the answer which is pretty much what I expected but I have one more question please

If I create a pdf and use a commercial font on my computer which others may not have and just assuming that the document is very small and doesn’t have all of the font characters in it, how do I embed the full font set into the document?

I’ve looked in the manual but can’t find the answer