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Infix mentioned in meta tags


A friend of mine and I are working on modifying some pdf files thanks to your awesome Infix PDF Editor software. My friend has purchased an annual subscription!

I have noticed in the PDF files that have been modified through Infix, when viewing these files in Adobe Reader, if you go to File, Properties, and then Custom tab, there is a meta tag called ICNAppName that appears and it shows “Infix Pro”. In comparison, the original PDF file that has not been modified in Infix has no such tag.

None of my PDF meta tag editors are able to find this ICNAppName field in order to edit it.
I can manage to remove it with Exif Tools if I remove all of the meta tags, but these changes through Exif are reversible unless I then linearize the pdf file.

Would you have an idea of how to avoid having this meta tag showing when modifying and saving the pdf file through Infix?

Thanks very much for your help.

When you edit a PDF with Infix, the ICNAppName field is added intentionally. This is because we want people to be able to tell that a PDF has been edited in some way.

Infix will never remove that tag.