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Infix PDF Printer from Infix PDF Editor v7.1.8 doesn't work

I am a new Infix PDF Editor user installing v7.1.8 of Infix PDF Editor and wanted to report that the Infix PDF Printer doesn’t work in Windows 10 x64 Home Edition with Creators Update. The Infix PDF Printer is located in devices and shows as working and idle. When I print something to the Infix PDF Editor, it does bring up the Windows Printer icon is the system tray. When I put my mouse over the Windows Printer icon, it says 0 documents pending for my username. When I open the Infix PDF Printer and check the Print Queue manually, it is also empty. I have already tried more than once and on more than one computer which all had the same results.

The issue with the pdf printer should have been fixed for version 7.1.8, it may be that the update did not fully reinstall the pdf printer.

Please perform the following steps to fix the problem.

  • Completely uninstall Infix from your machine.
  • Restart Windows.
  • Install Infix 7.1.8.
  • Restart Windows.

That would not be possible since 7.1.8 is the first version of Infix I have installed, that’s why my original post said I am a new Infix PDF Editor user which means I did not have Infix on the computer before 7.1.8 was released. I have already did what you mentioned and the same problem still exists.

It might be that something went wrong during the installation process, please follow the above steps and reinstall to see if it fixes the problem.

You can download the installer from this direct link:


As I mentioned, I already did the uninstall and reinstall and the same thing happens. And just so you know, I did the uninstall, and reinstall using the above steps once again this morning and the problem still occurs.