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Infix printer TOTALLY non-operational on Win7

This is really depressing. I downloaded the most recent infix and installed. The install was like a breeze. However when I tested the very first feature, which is to print something to infix printer, something happened fast on the RH lower corner of the screen and then disappeared. When I selected acrobat as the printer it gave good results (except that it takes too much memory and has to be done in stages like 50pages at a time and might have memory leak needing a reboot to reset the system). Now, I have been using an older version of infix 4.xx on XP for a while and virtual printer works over there. I have tried that version to install on Win7 also and before registration tried to print and during installation it had some stalling at the virtual printer stage. There was no success in printing. I would like to know if this is a problem at my end or at Iceni’s end. The win7 install had all the updates done, so I don’t think that is the issue.


Does the problem happen with every Pdf file that you try to print to Infix? Or is it a specific file that will not print?

If it is a specific file, If you email it to, we will look into why it is not printing.



@martin, if there was a single instance of success, I would have reported it above.

I have faced the same problem with my infix printer and did not know how to fix it if anyone can have the solution then fcebook ping me on my page it will very helpful to me.

I won’t even recommend try to make your infix printer work on in windows 7. Upgrade to windows 10 as soon as possible. I also think that your PC is infected by virus that’s why your printer is not operational. You can also try DMing infix printer on their facebook page they might help.