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[Issue] Some images are not exported (discovered 1st in FlexiPDF)

Hi! I’m a user of FlexiPDF and now Infix. I’ve discovered a number of issues in FlexiPDF, some of which are shared with Infix. Softmaker’s response to bug reports and feature requests is too slow, so there’s the hope that here it will be different. Now to the issue at hand.

The Export operation doesn’t save all images. In the linked file, there are two images (the second is the smaller, grayed-out “mirror” image). The first of them is not exported.

Hi and thanks for the link.

I’ve examined the page and can see the missing image is not a conventional image object. I suspect that instead it’s something like a special pattern fill where the pattern is an image.
If you switch to Outline mode in infix (View->Outlines) you will see that it doesn’t look like an image which are normally depicted as rectangles with a diagonal cross through them. Also you cannot right click on it and choose Image->Properties…

I was going to advise you to use the snapshot tool instead but after trying it, even that doesn’t work.
I’m afraid the only think I can suggest is a screen-grab for now using your operating system’s tools.

We will look into this unusual PDF further and see if we can come up with a proper fix.

Guy Bushnell.

Thank you Guy for your quick reply! As a workaround, I used the Snapshot tool in Adobe Reader which never fails for me. But a proper fix for such cases would of course be welcome.

Now that I’ve thought about it a little more, before the proper fix is available, some kind of warning about this situation would be helpful. That is, if such irregular objects are detectable programmatically at all, which may not be the case.

We will be looking into the issue this week. I expect we will have a fix available so I don’t think a warning will be necessary.

Have you got anywhere with this? I have this exact issue (it looks like i have a circle outline in my PDF that i want to export as an image).


We think we have a fix in place. It will be included in the maintenance release published later this month.
It would be helpful to have your new PDF as a further test. It’s possible there’s a different root cause.

What is the best way to send it to you? i have found alternative means to achieve what i wanted but it would have been easier to click “export to file”.