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[Issue] Vertical text rendered in vector artwork despite the setting

Another issue: when the “Render text in vector artwork” checkbox is not set, vertical text in vector artwork is rendered anyway. (It’s also produced as a normal text in a textbox; this text is oriented horizontally while the textbox is sized for vertical orientation.)

Example file:

Rotated text was set to always be rendered regardless of the value of the option “Render text in vector artwork”.

This is because when the option “Try to preserve layout” is on, if rotated text was not rendered, the layout of the page could not be replicated.

We’ve changed the behaviour so now if “Render text in vector artwork” is off, it will only render rotated text if “Try to preserve layout” is also off.

The changes will be included the next point release of Infix (7.2.5).

There is some logic here that I don’t fully understand. If it’s possible not to render vertical text when the layout is to be preserved, why would it be impossible or undesirable not to render it when layout preservation is not requested? As I see it, when I ask the program not to render text, it’s because I don’t want the exported image to contain text and want instead to export the text separately, regardless of whether I’m keeping the layout.