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Issue with Helvetica Font


I love using Infix Pro and I’ve just upgraded to the latest version. However, I’m having an annoying issue with the Helvetica font, and I’m not sure whether this is due to the version upgrade.

The pdf file that I want to modify contains text in the Helvetica font. As soon as I start modifying the text, all the new text I type comes out in Bold even though Bold is not selected.

And if I select the original text and choose “Helvetica” again as the font, it also converts to Bold.

Even worse, this “Bold” effect is not uniform. Some letters are less bold than others. Looks terrible!

The only way out at the moment is converting the original Helvetica font in the WHOLE document to something else.

But I would prefer to keep the original Helvetica look, if ever anyone has an idea of how to fix this problem… Thanks very much!

Hi Olga,

Thank you for getting in touch. Do you have the Helvetica font installed on your machine? If not then it is possible that Infix is trying to use another font because some characters are not available in the Helvetica font embedded within the PDF. This may be why the style (bold) appears to be changing. If possible could you please send us the PDF that you are attempting to edit and we will be able to better advise.

Regards, Simon.