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Issues following upgrade to 7.2.5


I have updated Infix version to latest version (7.2.5) as prompted upon opening Infix, however now that I have done so, it appears that some text box’s I have at the top of the document have split, and the top is seemingly covered by a white square cutting out 70% of the text box.

If I select the two text box and Ctrl+Shift+J/Merge Vertically this will bring the text back to how it should be. This happens on all documents that we send print to Infix and has happened in the past following an Infix update, however the issues tend to disappear after a while but can be frustrating to deal with.

Please let me know if you have anymore questions



If possible could you please email us an example PDF that exhibits the problem so that we can investigate further. Please send to

Thanks, Simon.