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Join function problem

Joining 15 pdf files. All opens correctly as one file in Infix. When joined file opened elsewhere first pdf does not appear, but there are empty pdf pages at the end of the document. There is no security on any of the pdf files which might inhibit joining.

Do you know if the problem occurs when you join fewer than 15? It may be that one PDF in particular is provoking a problem in Infix.
If you are able to, please send us the files needed to reproduce the issue. If you are happy to do this we can provide you with an upload link.

Many thanks for response. I’ve managed to work round it via someone sending me the problem pdf joined to another two on their Infix, and then rejoining that to the others. And never had a problem with joining either more or fewer than 15, but this book happens to be 15. Maybe first file was corrupt, but it has been copied and resaved, etc etc and still appeared as blank pages at the end of the document. Anyway, how can I send the pdfs for you to look at them so that the problem doesn’t happen again? First time it ever has.

Don’t worry about sending me a link as we have sorted out this immediate issue.

Many thanks.