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Language Installers for Mac

I have installed Infix (version 6.35 mac ) on a Mac (10.10.1) and I am trying to export a Italian pdf to HTML for translation. I have been asked to change the Spellcheck Language but the Italian Language Installer cannot be automatically downloaded. If I try to download the pack from the Iceni’s language library, I only can find Installers for Windows, such as Aspell. So I tried by installing cocoaspell instead, but I guess this is not recognized by Infix, which still cannot find the language. Suggestions?
Thank you so much!

Thanks for reporting the problem.
We have replicated the issue and are looking into it at the moment.
We will get back to you as soon as we have something.

The problem has now been fixed.
Please try again.

Great! That works now! Thank you very much, awesome customer care.