Line wrap


When I edit an already made pdf, the lines automatically wrap at the end. (super)

But I now want to create my own text box with wrap

If I use Text tools +, the text box extends rather than wraps.

And if I use Text Edit tool, the line just gets more and more cramped as I type until it is unreadable.

Surely, I don’t have to use the return button at the end of each line? There must be a wrap line system but I just can’t find it.




The Text+ tool will extend the text box if the text box has not been resized by the user. If you manually resize a text box added by the text+ tool then it will no longer extend and will be treated the same as a text box added by the Text edit tool.

The Text in an Infix text block will automatically wrap at the end of a line when it comes across a space or hyphen character. If there is nowhere for infix to wrap the text (eg when the text on the line contains no spaces) then the text will be adjusted to fit on the same line and will get more and more bunched together as you add new characters. I assume that in your case the text on the line does not contain any spaces or hyphens so infix is unable to automatically wrap it. The way around this problem is to add spaces to the text or to manually add a return character at the point you wish the text to be wrapped.



Hello Martin

You are very ‘astute’ as I discovered my error last night.

Yes, I was just pressing down on one key and not leaving any spaces for Infix to wrap on.