Live Cycle

Hello Iceni

You know what ‘Live cycle’ is as when I try to open a pdf with it, there is a small message from Iceni saying that you may not be able to handle it 100%

But can you say a bit more about what might not be saved and how likely this is?

I’ve had to fill in a few forms the last few weeks with Live Cycle and yesterday I needed a Swedish Death Certificate to translate into English for a job which I found on a Swedish government site.

And sure enough, Live Cycle came up again (no pun intended)

It seems to be widespread.



Live Cycle is an Adobe scheme where the PDF contains an XML description of it’s contents. They also contain a standard PDF description of what should appear on the screen.

When you open a LiveCycle PDF in Adobe Reader, the PDF you see on screen is built from the XML description and any actual PDF conent is ignored.

Infix and many other editors show you the PDF content rather than the XML content.

So when you edit a LiveCycle PDF in Infix you get an edited PDF with unedited XML inside. Open it in Infix or another viewer which doesn’t do LiveCycle and all is well. Open it in Reader and it will then ignore the PDF content and regenerate the screen display based on the XML conent so it may look as if you’ve not edited it at all.

In light of your question, we will change the message in Infix to explain this better.