Order of sentences when exporting pdf


I’m translating a little pdf using Infix’s export in Xml file

While translating, I came across some sentences that seemed ‘out of order’

It seems to be two sentences that were just underneath pictures.

So my question is why do these captions that are in text boxes like any other text end up ‘out of order’ in the xml file and so in my CAT tool

It is not super important this time but could make things more complicated on other jobs.


Can you send us an example PDF to look at?
Without seeing the document in question, it is difficult to give you an accurate explanation.

I exported the document you sent and saw that the image captions on page 1 do come out near the end of the XML for page 1.

Infix exports text roughly in the order in which it is printed on the page.

I looked at this printing order using a special tool we have in-house and can see that the captions are the last things printed on the page. This is typical since desktop publishing apps will often deal with all the text first, then all the images (and their associated captions) etc.
If you need to affect the order you can use the T123 tool to link text that flows between text boxes. Otherwise the order isn’t too important since it all gets put back into the correct place no matter what order is used for the XML output.