Overflow when saving but where


When you save the edited pdf and there is text overflow, Infix shows you where the overflow is.

But sometimes, this function seems to cause the page to ‘jump’

Hard to explain but instead of seeing a text box with a blue border around it with a red square (indicating clearly where the problem is), the page just seems to jump for a second and I get no info.

Another question is ‘is it possible to deal with text overflow problems one by one’ while in save mode

I can see the problems, but can’t get into the document at this time to correct them.

So I end up noting them all down on a piece of paper to deal with them after coming out of save.

If you are wondering why I get so many text overflow problems after ‘editing’ , it is because I translate the document and then reimport the xlm file.

Sometimes, the translation can be longer than the original text.

i can get loads of overflow problems at this stage if I’m unlucky even though I tell INFIX to 'deal with certain text overflow problems where possible.

Thanks in advance cos I know you will answer me on this :slight_smile:


After importing an XML translation into Infix it should perform a problem report on saving which allows you to resize any text boxes that have overflowed. If you have found that this functionality is not working correctly, can you email us an example pdf file (before importing) and an example XML translation file and we will lookinto the issue for you?



Hello Martin

When I have time, I will look at this again as I’m sure I told Infix to adjust text to boxes but maybe the box had no more space.

What I’d like to ask though (or confirm rather) is that there is no menu choice ‘go to next overflow box’?

I had to click in hundreds of boxes to ‘activate’ them to see the blue border with the red squares.

Is there a quicker way of finding them ? (that’s my real issue on this aspect)

Have a nice weekend

But I’m still very happy with my Infix editor :slight_smile:

You can choose “File->Problem Report…” which can be used to perform the check for overset text and point you to the text boxes in question.