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Page layout locked in a split screen

Hi guys, I’m new here.

There is a small but annoying bug that I found when opening PDF files using a split screen (I divide my monitor space into 50% left and 50% right)
Whenever I tried to set zoom ratio to 110-200% the page scroll on the bottom of the screen does not appear which resulted in a locked pdf document where I cannot scroll to either left or right.

Sometimes the bottom page scroll would appear but it’s not always working correctly as even though I have scrolled to the left-most, there are portions of the document that was not visible / got cut out. When I zoom in until it becomes too large, lets say at 300%, by then the page scroll would work normally. But at that kind of zoom ratio, it’s kinda hard to read the document.

Can’t I attach a screenshot of the issue? This could be explained a lot better using a screenshot of the app.



You can email at and attach a screenshot to the message.



Hi Martin,

Sent an email to with a couple of screenshots of the potential bug I encountered.
Please check, thanks