Page resize bug again


i have found another page resize bug in Infix Pro.

i have a 3 page document, page 1 is SRA4. page two is SRA3, page three is SRA4.

i resize page 1 to A4 and this resizes correctly, i then resize page 2 to A3 and the software instead resizes page 1 to A3 even though i have specified page 2 should have its size changed to A3.

After testing i have worked out that no matter what you do, the software will only change the size of PAGE 1 and will not change the size of any other pages.

Coupled with this, if you then press UNDO after the software has erroneously changed the size of the wrong page, you cannot undo it, the software undoes whatever you did before the page resize and leaves the resized page as is.

Please can you fix this. i am using version 7.2.7



Thank you for reporting this issue with Infix.

This bug has been fixed and the fix will be included in the next point release of Infix (7.2.8).