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Page resize bug


Just came across a new bug in 7.2.5 when resizing pages.

If you have a page of any size in this example, 300 X 200, and then resize the first page only down to 285 X 185 the first page resizes correctly. If you then try to resize the rest of the pages by choosing the ALL option in the page resize window, the rest of the pages do not get resized, the software just ignores you.

The only way to get around this is to do each page individually OR undo the previous page resize and then try the resize on all the pages instead. It will then work.

It looks as though if the software doesn’t or can’t resize the first page it doesn’t bother trying to do the rest!

Thanks for pointing out the problem with resizing pages in Infix 7.

We’ll get this fixed for the next point release of Infix (7.2.6)