Hello Iceni

Another MemoQ user used the pdf translation tool and this is what she said

"I just tested the trial version. You can import the XML file into memoQ and all sentences are perfectly retained, although not parapraphing ( which is more than the memoQ PDF feature can do.)
Then you can export the translation as a *.txt file, and paste and then reformat in Word. It’s a possible workaround.

I have never been asked to return a pdf file to a customer, although I more than often receive them from the customer. Getting them into Word for translation can be a killer, especially 100-plus page annual reports."


Without see the document, can you say what might have caused a loss of paraphrasing. I’ll post your answer to the users if you don’t object


It is difficult for me to say without seeing the PDF. As you are probably aware there is no paragraph structure within PDFs. Infix uses heuristics to determine paragraphs. It is possible that these heuristics are not working in this case.

Regards, Simon.