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PDF Printer not installing.

Just installed Infix Pro but the pdf printer does not install correctly. The installer program says its installing the printer but it doesn’t appear in the Windows printer list.

Tried disabling anti-virus and reinstalling but still no joy.

This is Windows 8 Pro 64bit. Had it installed on Win7 and it worked OK.

Thanks in advance for any help.


We have recently been made aware of a problem with the printer driver and windows 8.
Would you be able to download and try the new install available at:

Please let me know if this release resolves the issue. If it does, we will then make it an official update.

Good news and bad news. The PDF Printer is now installed and appears in devices and printers but when I print to this ‘printer’ nothing happens, no error messages but the print dialog closes without any PDF being created.


I just (re)installed Infix Pro onto a new Windows 8 Standard /64-bit laptop and had the exact same issue with no Infix printer appearing in the printers list. I downloaded the 5.28 version you linked above and it worked perfectly for me. Or at least it printed to InFix as desired and I was able to save the PDF. I haven’t had time to try any Infix editing yet.

Maybe it’s an issue with Win8 Pro? I’ll be applying the Pro Pack upgrade soon. But that still isn’t identical to installing Infix from scratch onto Win8 Pro. I’ll let you know if I run into any issue.

Great software, thanks!

— Frank

Tried reinstalling with no success. If I look in the Infix Printer queue it says the file is ‘printed’ but there’s no dialog or messages regarding where to output the file.


I’m glad ‘umop-apisdn’ is now up and running with the revised printer driver. Shame it didn’t work for you, JDG.
There is a way to get the printer driver to dump some diagnostics during the install, though this does involve making a change to the registry. If you are up for this, I’ll send you the details. We could then send the diagnostics to the suppliers of the driver and get them to investigate. In the meantime, I’ll get hold of a copy of Win8 Pro and see if I can get the same issue.

I’m happy to make the registry changes for the diagnostics if you want to send me the details.

I doubt if there’s much difference between Win 8 Pro and Standard - more likely some conflict with something else on the system. I also have a Win 8 Pro laptop so I’ll try the latest version on that as well and get back to you.


It’s not a Win 8 Pro problem as it’s okay on the laptop so obviously something peculiar to the desktop. I’m happy to use Infix on the laptop so if you want you can consider the problem solved. If you still want me to run the diagnostic though I’m happy to do so.


Thanks for letting me know. I just installed 5.28 on top of 5.27 on a fresh Win 8 Pro x64 and it worked. Perhaps there is some issue with your desktop system. In any case I’m glad you have a working solution now.
We will make 5.28 an official release shortly since there is definitely an issue with 5.27 on Win 8 64bit.

Thanks for your help on this. I will report back if I find out what the issue is.

Anything I need to do to transfer my license from desktop to laptop?


To transfer the license just go ahead and use your activation keycode to activate Infix on your laptop.


Just to update this old thread. I had the same problem with version 6. I solved it by uninstalling Infix and then removing the printer ports that had Infix reference (ActPrint and ActDrive - I deleted both of these) - I reinstalled Infix and then the PDF printer worked.

I have just installed InFix on a Technet issue of Windows 8.1 RTM. My license is for version 5, but neither 5.28, nor a trial version of 6.18 successfully install the virtual printer.
Both installed the virtual printer OK on Windows 8 (I am running Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 RTM in a dual boot setup, using separate drives for each OS.) I noted that the trial version of 6.18 requested a reboot in W 8 - that did not occur with the installation under W 8.1. But I rebooted anyway (in W 8.1,) but still no InFix virtual printer appears.
I am not prepared to upgrade my license to version 6 until this issue with installation on W 8.1 is resolved.

Dear Imod

Why don’t you write to Microsoft and tell THEM “that you are not prepared to upgrade until the issue is resolved” ?

We have been informed by the manufacturers of the printer driver bundled with Infix that they are working on the Windows 8.1 compatibility issue. As soon as they have an update for us, we will issue an update for Infix.

So did you get the printer driver issue with Windows 8.1 resolved? I just updated to 8.1 Pro and my InFix printing is broken. I still have InFix Pro 5.28. Tried reinstalling and that did not fix it.

— Frank

Hi Frank,

The latest version of Infix, which is version 6.25, does support PDF printing in Windows 8.1.

Unfortunately it will not work in version 5.28. Please go to

to upgrade.

Thanks, Simon.