Problem report


I think I can imagine why Infix checks for images with low resolution (they print badly?) but I can’t imagine what a non CMYK colour space is or why it checks for it.

Can anyone explain please?


PDFs destined for press or repro-graphics tend to use CMYK as the colour space for most objects. This is to ensure colour fidelity. Objects specified in other spaces such as RGB will have their colours approximated on the output device usually with undesirable results.
So the CMYK test is mainly for high-end pre-press output and probably not relevant to other users.
Would you prefer that the check was not done for your PDFs? Is it an inconvenience? If so, we could look into the possibility of suppressing the check via a user preference.

Recently purchased Infix, it is great for its checking and editing features.

When running a problem report on a large “joined” pdf, I obtain the response:

“Non CMYK Objects (20937)”

What am I supposed to do with this information?

I cannot imagine trawling through all those objects to convert to CMYK manually.

Is there a better way?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Is using the “CMYK” colour space is important to you? If so then there is no easy way to “fix” this problem within Infix at the moment.

This is a feature that we will look into adding to Infix Pro.