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Problem sending XLF file to colleague to proof


I work with SDL Trados 2017 and used Transpdf to create an xliff file. Once I had finished the translation I sent the target file to a colleague to proof. This was an xlf file. She also has the same version of Trados but could not open the xlf file. Is this normal? She has had to use a trial version of OmegaT to proof the file but I’m now concerned that the xlf file she returns to me will not be able to uploaded into Transpdf to create the final PDF.

Does anyone have experience sending the xlf file for proofing in Trados? Have they found a way round the fact that the file type is not recognized?



The XLIF read & written by TransPDFs is very simple and should be understood by any CAT tool that reads XLIF.
I know some tools such as SDL Trados can generate their own specific XLIF formats and that these are not suitable for TransPDF usage.
If you have problem XLIF file, please send it to us ( and we’ll take a look.

Many thanks for your reply. I have emailed you the file.